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Meet Andrew

A man of many titles - Eagle Scout, Naval Academy grad, aerospace engineer, nuclear submarine officer, early retiree - Andrew is a loving husband, dawg-dad, home-brewer, DIY-er, and all-around deep thinker. He likes having answers, but enjoys asking questions even more. He's hard to put in a box, and even harder to squeeze out of one.

Try everyday to find something that blows your mind, and something else that makes you shit your pants. - Andrew

Meet Varun

Varun is the type of person who likes to try everything once and see what sticks. Always down for an adventure, he can easily be talked into taking a road trip for a delicious meal or to visit friends. He is ubiquitously known as loyal & responsible, easy going, and loud - one word from him in a crowd and you could easily pick him out. Some of his hobbies are clay pottery, sampling & producing music, hot yoga, reading, watching mixed martial arts, and golf; the culmination of which are paving his path to becoming a modern day renaissance man.

Varun is all about baby steps and being just 0.1% better than yesterday!